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Triple the letter
Friday, 21 November 2014 @ 01:04 | 0 Teddy [❤]

Have you ever experienced being pushed away from people? Have you ever experienced the people surroundings you looking at you as if you were better of unborn? And the way those people looked at you with their faces full of hatred. But you could do nothing, other than to hear and accept the words. The words might hurt, but you could bear with it and you proud enough with yourself.

Your mom and dad is a normal people without any sort of magic or power, but somehow, it was magic itself for them when you were born, you're not like them at all, you have magic, and powers, but sadly, you couldn't live with them in this cruel world. There are two completely different perspectives of the world, for people born with magic and those who are not. The one without magic are trash, dirty, pathetic and poor. 

Your parent decided to send you to one of those powerful and famous magic and power schools called, SM High. But even in that school, things don't change, there are even two more different worlds between those who have the power to kill and those who don’t, and you...? Of course, fate kindly deposits you in the group of the poor...

You've got a ‘shield’, 'nature' and 'gaze' power... Everyone was aware about the 'shield' and 'nature' but they could care less; it was next to nothing after all... But they clearly don't know about 'the gaze' power you have, because you never told anyone. Even during the test before entering this school, you didn't even speak up about 'the gaze' power you've got. 'the gaze' that can make others feel pain the in whichever way you prefer when you look at them, and you don't even bother to tell them ..

But still, you've been so lonely in this world of magic and powers. You've been keeping it to yourself till now, but how long? Forever, I guess...

They bullied you, they called you slut, bitch and many others horrible words...

But 'the gaze' power will not remain silence forever. 

:Yoon Minyoung
: 18 years old
:Power- The Gaze, The Shield and Nature

: Luhan
: 21 years old
: Power- Telekinesis
: Pureblood

:Kris / Wu Yi Fan
: 21 Years old
:Power- Flight (Dragon)
: Pureblood

: Chanyeol
: 19 years old
: Power- Flame
: Pureblood

: Kristal
: 18 Years old
: Power - Mesmerism
: Pureblood

and the rest of F(X) and EXO members :) Do wait for this fanfic to find out more about other F(x)'s members power :) and yes, i would be really glad if someone would like to help me with the poster for this fanfic o.0 hehe

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